Activity Ideas

Nutmeg Big Brothers Big Sisters provides this link of activities as suggestions. Nutmeg does not necessarily endorse these activities. We trust our Bigs to make decisions about which activities are appropriate and safe for your match relationship. For example, mentors may take their mentees to an out-of-state activity if they have been matched for a minimum of three months. While we aim to keep this list current, we encourage you to verify logistics such as locations and hours of operation. If you find that we need to update any information please email us at you may also reach us by phone at (860) 525-5437.

Also, mentors may deduct out-of-pocket expenses incurred on behalf of their Littles (including admission costs and meals) on Schedule A of the itemized 1040 form. However, the portion of the costs related to the Big are not deductable.

Free Tickets

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we are able to give our Bigs free tickets to use with their Littles. If you would like to request free tickets as they become available please contact your match support coordinator to be added to our Big email list.

Keep an eye out from emails from Wendy Duran.  She sends out an email each time we have free tickets for our mentors and mentees.

Also, stop by our Events page to see what dates you have to include in your calendar. Spread the word, invite your friends to Start something BIG!

Free Tickets FAQ’s

Who’s eligible to receive free tickets?

Any volunteer who is matched with a child, i.e., any Big Brother or Big Sister in one of the 111 towns within Nutmeg’s footprint.

Do I have to use the free tickets with my Little?

Yes – our partners donate tickets to Nutmeg for that purpose, and must be used to provide enrichment activities for the mentored child.

Do I need to reserve the free tickets?

For some events, yes – please email Wendy Duran at or give her a call at (860) 525-5437 x 128 to find out which events require reservations.

Is there a standard pick-up location for the free tickets?

There is not a standard pick-up location for each event. Each event that we have free tickets to distribute have different guidelines. Please email Wendy Duran at or give her a call at (860) 525-5437 x 128 to find out the specifics for the event that you would like to attend with your Little.

How often are free tickets available?

Currently, Nutmeg does not receive scheduled free ticket donations. Our partners inform us when they are donating tickets to an upcoming event.

I recently picked up tickets to an event. Do I have to wait before seeking more free tickets? There is not a waiting period between picking up tickets for you and your Little. You’re welcome to follow up on any offers that interest you and your Little.

Is it okay for me ask a local business to give me a discount since I am a mentor with Nutmeg?

It’s okay for you to ask if they provide discounts to mentors. Nutmeg Big Brothers Big Sisters arrange free tickets and discounts with local businesses. If you know a local business interested in offering free tickets or discounts to Nutmeg Big Brothers Big Sisters please ask the representative to email Wendy Duran at or give her a call at (860) 525-5437 x128.

If there is a local business interested in donating free tickets, what should I do?

Please ask to business owner or representative to contact Wendy Duran at Nutmeg, either via email – – or by phone at (860) 525-5437 x 128.