Joanne Alexander
Operations and New Media Manager
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Kathryn Hassler
Grant Administrator
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Andrea McDermott
Agency Administrative Coordinator
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Jay Cronin
Individual Gifts Officer
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Mariah Nolan
Development and Events Coordinator
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Jeannette Mendez
Foster Grandparent Program Manager
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Rosalin Alcantara
Foster Grandparent Coordinator
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Elizabeth Foley
Inquiry and Customer Service Coordinator
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Wendy Duran
Match Support Specialist
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Jacqueline Lundie
Match Support Specialist
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Stephanie Hinkley
Enrollment Coordinator, New London County
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Jessica Williams
Enrollment Coordinator
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Tara Gill
Site-Based Coordinator & Match Support Specialist
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Susan Black
Site-Based Coordinator, Windham and Putnam
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Margarita Laboy
mentor2.0 Manager
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Ivana Kirk-Thigpen
Senior Site-Based Coordinator
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Shasity Rios
Site-Based Coordinator, Windham
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